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2017 Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards

Ben Caldwell was commissioned to create the "flame" portion of the award to match the original liberty torch.   A few things to note for the 2017 EIFH AWARD ~   * The entire “Flame” & “Pedestal” of the award will be hand formed from 100% copper that was preserved from the Registry Building at Ellis Island.     * The “Flame” will be hand hammered utilizing the Repousse method (from the backside of the flame) just as was done by Bartholdi’s team.   * The front side of the “Flame” will have a sculpted relief (similar) to Liberty’s own flame…but because they each will be formed by hand they will differ while giving the artist some creative Liberty.    * The...

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Keeping Alive SMITHING The Cottage Journal

The art of creating metal tablewares by hand definitely suffered a setback after the Industrial Revolution when mass production of such goods became popular. But this Tennessee artisan is doing his part to keep alive the art of metalsmithing  Article from the Autumn edition of The Cottage Journal.      

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