2017 Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards

Ben Caldwell was commissioned to create the "flame" portion of the award to match the original liberty torch.


Photo courtesy: apimages.com
A few things to note for the 2017 EIFH AWARD ~
* The entire “Flame” & “Pedestal” of the award will be hand formed from 100% copper that was preserved from the Registry Building at Ellis Island.  
* The “Flame” will be hand hammered utilizing the Repousse method (from the backside of the flame) just as was done by Bartholdi’s team.
* The front side of the “Flame” will have a sculpted relief (similar) to Liberty’s own flame…but because they each will be formed by hand they will differ while giving the artist some creative Liberty
* The backside of the “Flame will be hollow from hand hammering to form the relief that will appear on the front of the “Flame”. The backside depth will be kept at a minimum and will showcase some of the hammer marks of the artist. It will also be left in it’s natural copper finish and will be hand polished then a clear lacquer applied to keep it from tarnishing. Any and all copper edges will be polished and smooth to the touch.
* The front of the “Flame” will be guild by hand in 24kt gold leafing (just like the previous awards).
* The “Pedestal” portion of the award will be hand formed from the Ellis Island Copper in it’s natural preserved state (Patina). The front of the “Pedestal” will be rounded while the backside will be flat (shaped like a “D” when viewed from the top). This is to accommodate the two dimensional shape of the “Flame” while providing a full and smooth surface for the hand to grasp for the honorees (see the side view of the original drawing).
* The custom wood “Base" will be hand milled from a solid piece of American White Oak. To compliment (and not to compete or take away) from the award, we feel that the “Base” will look best stained in Ebony…again, all sharp edges will be removed to insure the piece feels good in the hand.
* We are considering that the front “Plaque” be hand engraved by a local artist who specializes in this and has engraved custom guitars for many famous performing artist. Of course, we always have the plaques as was done previously as a backup, but we thought it would be nice to have this years award be as entirely hand crafted as possible.
* Approximately 12 to 13 inches overall height.
* Each award will be accompanied by a COA & envelope (in hand calligraphy) and a separate "explanation card" briefly showcasing the awards creation.

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., honors notable American leaders and personalities.

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