About the Artist

Ben Caldwell: Coppersmith, Silversmith, Enamelist, & Sculptor

My name is Ben Caldwell, and I am an artist, specializing in the creation of functional and timeless metalwork. All of my work is custom hammered, raised and chased by hand, resulting in quality, one-of-a-kind creations that will far outlast their creator. I like to think of my metalwork as the marriage of beauty and functionality, something you just don’t see much of these days.

Education & Training

I am a classically trained painter and sculptor, and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University in 1991.  I then went on to receive further training at The Studio School of New York, Harvard University and The Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Before finding my passion for metalwork, I made everything from custom guitars to West African drums; but, as an artist, I wasn’t making much of a living until my father was approached by nationally known metal worker, Terry Talley.

Terry was a metal artist of the old school. He was dying of lymphoma when he approached my father and asked if I would be interested in training under him. He knew that I was an artist, and he wanted to pass the almost entirely abandoned craft on to the next generation. Honored, I quit my job in 1999 to train with Terry full-time.

Thanks to my classical background and my incredible teacher, I caught on rather quickly, and even began to invent, design and build a lot of my own tools. With the help of my phenomenal teacher, my supportive parents and my amazing wife (Lael), I started Ben & Lael Inc., and began creating and selling custom, one-of-a-kind copper, silver and enamel art. Since then, I have received the Tennessee Artists’ Guild’s “Emerging Artist of the Year” award, and I’ve also had work commissioned as a wedding gift for Amy Grant and Vince Gill.


I have been blessed to have my work featured and/or exhibited by:

  • The Tennessee State Museum ( I was a featured artist at the Buffalo Bill Show in September 2000)
  • The Antiques and Garden Show in Nashville, TN (2001)
  • The Ann Arbor Street Fair
  • Several TACA (Tennessee Association of Craft Artists) shows
  • The American Artisan Festival
  • The Franklin Street Festival (Voted “Best of Show” and “Best Display”)
  • “Ann Arbor News”
  • “The Nashville Scene”
  • “N. Focus”
  • Talk of the Town (CBS)
  • The Plus Side of Nashville (Cable)
  • “Town & Country” (June 2002)
  • “American Style”
  • “Southern Living”
  • Our Place (HGTV)

A Ben & Lael copper ladle can even be found in Martha Stewart’s personal kitchen!

If you’d like to know more about my art and the creative process, please watch one of the videos featured below. You can also browse through my gallery here [Link to Gallery]. For custom work, please contact us!




Whether you are viewing these beautiful copper pieces by Ben, or his elegant work in silver or imaginative pieces in enamel, you’ll begin to understand why Ben & Lael Copper is building such a fine reputation.