Copper Mushroom Sculptures

Copper Mushroom Sculptures

$ 350.00

Right at home.


“I love the shape and form of mushrooms.  I have mushrooms growing in my yard and they fascinate me each time they resurrect themselves from the earth, they are beautiful.

I make these mushrooms by hand, hammering the crown and conical stem, then applying silver solder.  Each mushroom is shaped over a mandrel and then a dark patina is applied.  I use 20 gauge solid copper so they will stand strong in any type of weather.”

- Ben Caldwell


What is more appropriate in the garden than mushrooms? 

These whimsical sculptures are made of pure copper and the patina will continue to deepen over time blending seamlessly into the garden itself as though they had always been there.


Approximate Dimensions:

Small - 10" in diameter x 9" tall

Medium - 13" in diameter x 12.5" tall

Large - 17" in diameter x 15.5" tall

Extra Large - 20" in diameter x 18.5" tall