Copper Magnolia Leaf Bowl
Copper Magnolia Leaf Bowl

Copper Magnolia Leaf Bowl

$ 325.00

These sweet Copper Magnolia Leaf Bowls are evidence that you can enjoy a true Southern lifestyle no matter where you are. A magnolia tree's leaves may turn color, but these bowls catch and hold the light year-round whether it sits warmly on your mantle or on the coffee table.

These Copper Magnolia Bowls are available in 4 Sizes. See the dimensions below.


 Approximate Dimensions:
10" Length x 5" Width x 1.5" Depth.
12" Length x 5.25" Width x 1.5" Depth
13" Length x  5.5" Width x 1.5" Depth
15" Length x 5.75" Width x 1.5" Depth
The inherent nature of our handmade items means that each piece is subtly unique
 *Also available in silver