Copper Lenten Rose Bracelet

Copper Lenten Rose Bracelet

$ 210.00

The very first hint of spring.

We decided that this is the perfect time to introduce our Copper Lenten Rose Bracelet, reflecting what is occurring in nature.
The Lenten Rose is one of the earliest flowers to bloom each year, sometimes even through snow.  It gets its ecclesiastical nickname from its bloom season, winter into spring, surrounding the season of Lent.
Each individual delicate flower is hand cut from pure copper, hammered (planished) to bring it to life, then attached to a hand made, pure copper crescent bracelet.  All of the facets created by the different hammers catch the light and sparkle as the wearer moves while the bracelet is being worn.

Approximate dimensions: 

Inner diameter of the 4 gauge bracelet is 2 5/8".  Blossom is approximately 1" wide.