Copper Large Herb Chopper
Copper Large Herb Chopper
Copper Large Herb Chopper

Copper Large Herb Chopper

$ 630.00

The Copper Large Herb Chopper is made from a reused 50-year old sawmill blade that was locally sourced here in Tennessee.

A blacksmith hand cuts the shape of the chopper blade by torch and forges the bevel to create the finished edge. The chopper blade is re-tempered, quenched in canola plant oil for the best temper available. 

This Herb Chopper is unique to the origin of its design. A piece of Tennessee History is carried through this piece. Forged by a Tennessee-born blacksmith and an antler and copper handle fashioned by a Tennessee-born Metalsmith, Ben Caldwell. 

 Use this Copper Large Herb Chopper for assorted fresh herbs. The design of the blade grants the ability for swift and easy slicing.

Approximate Dimensions and Weight:

Large Chopper Blade 7" Length x 4" Width

Large Chopper Antler Handle 4.25" Length x 1" Width

Total Dimensions 7" Length x 5" Width

Weight 7.0 oz

The inherent nature of our handmade items and the natural qualities of antler means that each piece is subtly unique