Silver Measuring Cups
Silver Measuring Cups
Silver Measuring Cups

Silver Measuring Cups

$ 2,185.00

The Ben & Lael Silver Measuring Cups are available in 2 very different yet equally beautiful handle styles. The Vine Handles will match our other pieces styled with a vine handle. The Traditional Handles are distinct; this is one of Master Craftsman Ben Caldwell's earlier designs. Please feel free to call Lael Caldwell if you cannot decide which suits you best. She would be happy to help (615) 218-2460.

*Both handle variations include marked cup measurements. 2 Cups, 1 Cup, 1/2 Cup, 1/3 Cup, 1/4 Cup.


Approximate Dimensions for Silver Measuring Cups with Traditional Handles:


2 Cup: available soon

1 Cup: available soon

1/2 Cup: available soon

1/3 Cup: available soon

1/4 Cup: available soon


Approximate Dimensions for Silver Measuring Cups Vine Handles:

2 Cup: 10.5" Length x 4 3/4" Width x 2" Height

1 Cup: 9" Length x  4 1/4" Width x 1 1/2" Height

1/2 Cup: 7 3/4" Length x 3 1/2" Width x 1 1/4" Height

1/3 Cup: 7 1/4" Length x 3" Width x  1" Height

1/4 Cup: 6 1/4" Length x 2 3/4" Width x 1" Height


A custom hand crafted rack for these measuring cups is available here:  Silver Measuring Cup Rack

The inherent nature of our handmade items means that each piece is subtly unique

* Also available in copper