Copper Bowl with Antler Stand
Copper Bowl with Antler Stand

Copper Bowl with Antler Stand

$ 1,495.00

The Copper Bowl with Antler Stands each exhibit a hand-forged bowl. After the bowl has been sunk and planished, Master Craftsman Ben Caldwell specifically chooses an antler for the Copper Bowl to rest on. This is a careful process Ben has mastered over the years. Once the antler has been chosen, Ben must create balance for the Copper Bowl and antler stand to come together for this unique piece.


Copper 10" Bowl: 10"-10.5" in diameter x 3.75"

Copper 12" Bowl: 10"-10.5" in diameter x 3.75" 

Copper 14" Bowl: 12"-12.5" in diameter x 3.75" 

Copper 16" Bowl: 14"-14.5" in diameter x 3.75"

 The final dimension will be 1.5" to 2" in diameter less than the stated dimension after hand-raising.

The inherent nature of our handmade items and the natural qualities of antler means that each piece is subtly unique. 

*Also available in silver