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Women of Wealth Magazine 2022

It is such an honor to be the subject of a feature article in Women of Wealth magazine.  Ben & Lael were chosen based on their spiritual approach to uniting business owners and helping others grow their businesses.   Enjoy reading the full article here:

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The Cottage Journal: Autumn Entertaining

It was an honor to have my work chosen as part of the "Autumn Entertaining" article in the autumn 2020 issue of The Cottage Journal!        Read full article here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0678/3935/files/TCJ_Autumn_2020_Issue_-_Gentry_Table.pdf?v=1611618262     

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Keeping Alive SMITHING The Cottage Journal

The art of creating metal tablewares by hand definitely suffered a setback after the Industrial Revolution when mass production of such goods became popular. But this Tennessee artisan is doing his part to keep alive the art of metalsmithing  Article from the Autumn edition of The Cottage Journal.      

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